Should you be playing Fall Ball?

If you don't know yet, playing baseball year round is a bad idea. There, now you know!

Why is that? Throwing a baseball isn't exactly healthy for a shoulder and with how specific the movements are in baseball it is a recipe for cumulative stress injuries and creating some very bad movement patterns for young players.

Getting into a weight training program and working on movement inefficiencies and working on your overall athleticism is probably a better idea than playing another 15 to 20 after playing all through the spring and summer. This is especially true if you are a pitcher! As pitchers put more stress on their arms through out the season.

I have a few young catchers that I work with that have already played about 60-70 games through the spring and summer. In my opinion those 60-70 games are more than enough to achieve some growth and maturity as a baseball player.

The truth is, every baseball player needs time off from throwing. Not only to rest their arm but to work on keeping it healthy! This means working on quality range of motion (foam rolling/soft tissue work/stretching), becoming more athletic (weight training, speed/agility), and working on movement quality. Every player should take at least 3 months off of throwing every year to prioritize these things. Playing another sport is a good option to improve athleticism but my number one recommendation is to weight train and get stronger and more coordinated.

Unless you are a high school senior that has yet to commit to a college, you should probably skip playing fall ball and get in the gym asap! Take a 3 month break from throwing and get as healthy and as strong as possible through fall and winter.

I'd say the majority of kids I work with absolutely need to get stronger and more coordinated. From 10U all the way up through high school. If you are serious about playing college baseball, the weight room can be your biggest advantage. Most players aren't taking advantage of the benefits of getting stronger.

If you are in the Northern Colorado area, we will be offering strength training classes this off season in our training facility. Be more deliberate with your baseball goals, if playing at the next level is your goal.

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