Difference Between Secondary Stance and Primary Stance

I've had a few questions on social media regarding what we do in our primary stance and what we do in a secondary stance.

The first thing you should know is what each stance is and why we are in each one.

The primary stance is the stance we should be most comfortable in. This is when you see many advanced catchers in a half kneeling stance or a more comfortable position to receive pitches. We should be in our primary stance when there are no runners on and less than 2 strikes. If the ball gets past us in any of these situations nothing happens, no runners on means no runners can advance and less than 2 strikes means there is no worry of a dropped 3rd strike. Our only goal other than presenting pitches as best we can is to protect the umpire. This is the only time we really need to block from the primary stance. Other than that, our sole focus is on pitch receiving and being in the best position to do that.

Our secondary stance is the exact opposite. We should be in our secondary stance anytime there are runners on base (any base) and when there is 2 strikes on the hitter. This puts us in a better position to block or throw, depending on the situation.

Check out our YouTube video below for some more tips on the differences between a primary stance and a secondary stance.

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