The Catching Mentality

This weekend I was able to go watch some Division 1 baseball here in Northern Colorado. It was a great game to watch and I took some notes watching the difference between the two catchers.

Both guys had great arms and were able to throw a bullet down to 2nd between innings but that was about the only thing they had in common. Catcher 1 had terrible body language, he was upset when he had to block a ball in the dirt, didn't provide any positive energy towards his pitchers, gave up a few extra bases not recovering the ball quickly, and was very lazy with all his movements.

Catcher 2 was the complete opposite and he was a Freshman! He was ready to block in his secondary stance, worked hard to recover the ball quickly, gave his pitcher a fist bump after each inning, had positive body language, and was ready to go every pitch.

Not only did Catcher 2 play better, he also looked better! We won't have a perfect game everyday but we can always control our attitude and effort. Attitude and effort can easily be seen in your body language. Do you hang your head and mope when your pitcher bounces a few in a row? Do throw the ball back pissed off because your pitcher isn't hitting his spots? Do you hustle and work hard every pitch; whether that's to block, receive, or make a throw?

Someone is always watching you. How you play is often times way more important than your results. You might have a bad game here and there but are you still hustling and working hard? Are you communicating positively with your pitching staff even when things are rough? Do you leave it all on the field each and every game? Those are questions you should be able to say yes to no matter how good of a game you had.

Every player on the field should be this way and especially us catchers. You are involved in every pitch; your body language, your attitude, and your effort is observed by everyone. If you're lazy, expect that attitude to permeate your team! As catchers we must lead by example.

If you aren't willing to take a few fastballs in the dirt, if you aren't willing to lead by example and set the standard for your team, you might want to rethink catching, because that's what you're signing up for. You have to be a little tougher, mentally stronger, and work a little harder.

If you're willing to be that guy, you'll earn a lot of respect from your teammates. That's the mentality of a catcher!

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