MLB Draft #1 Pick - Catcher?

The MLB draft is coming up and the overall consensus is that Oregon State catcher, Adley Rutschman will be the #1 overall pick. While he is a great defender and team leader, that isn't what makes him the #1 overall pick. There are a lot of solid defensive catchers out there, and while that is very valuable and can get you a job in the MLB (Jeff Mathis), being able to hit is what can really set you apart as you climb your way to the top.

The catchers with the highest salaries in MLB are great hitters. While you can still find a job as a defensive catcher, the more you can hit, the more value you bring to a team. More value = more money and that includes colleges. If you're looking for a college scholarship being able to get the job done on defense and offense is going to give you more options and a better opportunity at a college scholarship.

College scholarships are very limited for baseball teams, so while a team may find you valuable to their ball club there are only so many scholarships handed out on the diamond. To make yourself one of the guys, you need to put the work in to get extra hacks and become a better hitter.

Many times catchers miss out on extra swings at practice because they are catching bullpens or mixed in with PFP's (pitcher fielding practice), or part of team defense drills. This means it's on you as a catcher to get extra swings outside of practice. Whether that's before practice, after practice, or private lessons; do what you need to do to increase your value on the baseball field.

If you're a catcher in the Northern Colorado area, we are starting a 3 month hitting program this summer with the use of Blast Motion baseball. The focus of this program is on swing mechanics and creating a repeatable and consistent swing that will help you barrel up more baseballs and become a valuable addition on the offensive side of the diamond.

If you want information on our 3 month hitting program send us an email at

Keep working hard and become the best baseball player you can be!

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