Throwing With Intent!

While having solid mechanics is great, at the end of the day we still want catchers to be athletes! I'm a firm believer in the fact that having a good process produces good results. But when we get into the game, we don't have time to think about mechanics and the process. It's time to make results the objective. If I throw the ball with perfect mechanics down to second base but I slowed myself down to make it perfect and the runner is safe, my perfect mechanics don't matter.

This brings me to the point of this article, which is throwing with intent. You may have heard this more in the pitching and hitting circles, because guys are trying to break radar guns with velocity and exit velocities. But the same approach is needed behind the plate.

Our intent when throwing should be controlled chaos, I want to absolutely let everything go when I make my throw to 2nd, holding nothing back.

You can see in the throw above that Yan Gomes doesn't have the "picture perfect footwork" but his feet are quick and his release is violent. He's just being a great athlete and moving his body as explosively as possible.

When we're at practice we can nitpick our movements and think about how we want to move; that's how we improve our efficiency and get better. We should be getting enough reps in practice for our body to make those changes, if you aren't getting a lot of reps in, those changes are going to take longer to cement in your brain. You have to do your footwork drills and transfer drills so many times, you could do them in your sleep. When you get to that point it'll be automatic in a game situation.

Once we step onto the field the time for over analyzing is done! Go 100% and let it fly.

If you put the work in off the field, you'll be confident on the field!

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