Where do we make transfers?

There are typically two places catchers are taught to transfer the baseball; their chest or their ear. But there is only one place elite throwers transfer the baseball... at the chest!

Check out our Instagram post for a video showing two high level catchers transferring at the chest.

The problem with attempting the transfer back at the ear is that you have narrowed your window of opportunity for a clean exchange. If I make my transfer at the chest and don't get a great grip right off the bat I have some time to adjust. If I get a bad exchange at the ear, I have to work with what I got.

The other reason I don't like guys to transfer at the ear is that we don't get our front arm pulling through as quickly. One of the big parts of our pop time is our release time. Getting the ball in and out of the throwing slot as fast as possible is key. Making our transfer at the chest and separating immediately at that point will improve our release time and help us get that front arm pulling through.

Make sure to check out that Instagram post for a visual of what I'm talking about here.

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