How To Make The Big Leagues With A Weak Throwing Arm

If you read our article on pop times or release times, you may have seen that one of the top starting catchers in the big leagues has one of the slowest pop times of all MLB catchers (Tyler Flowers)... So how is he one of the main starters for his team?

He's a great receiver of the baseball! Every time I watch Tyler Flowers catch I'm watching how he receives. He does such a great job of getting strikes for his pitchers, it's no wonder he's starting for them.

He may not have the best throwing arm, but he may only have 1 opportunity in a game to throw. He's going to have at least 120-150 or more pitches to receive during the game. Each pitch makes a huge difference in each at bat and each at bat changes the course of an inning, which can be a big game changer.

If you believe that each pitch can literally change the game, you'll probably take your ability to receive pitches a little more seriously.

Check out our YouTube video on how to better receive low pitches and share this article with a catcher you know.

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