Lightning Fast Release Times

(Throw starts at :46 secs)

The two main things you look at for a quick throw down to second base are:

1. Arm strength - The guys with the best pop times in the big leagues are hovering around the 85 mph range with their throws to 2nd base. Those that throw with a little less velocity, that are at the top of the list, have super quick release times. Which, if you haven't guessed, is number 2.

2. Release Time - How fast do you get the ball from catch to release point. The faster you can do this the quicker you can get your throw and on it's way to 2nd base.

There is a balance between release time and arm strength; the better your arm strength the more you can focus on throwing hard. If you don't have great arm strength than the key is going to be getting rid of the ball quicker. You might not get as much on your throw but you can make up for it by being quicker with the release. MLB Pop Times and Release Times

Every catcher with a great release time has these main fundamentals in common:

- They let the ball travel deep; don't reach for the ball, it's going to travel faster than you can catch it and bring it back to you. Let the ball do the work.

- Short, quick footwork; the longer your footwork the longer your release times

- Power V position; the throwing arm action for a catcher is very short. Bring the ball back towards your ear as soon as you get it out of your glove.

There are many other characteristics that go into a quick throw to 2nd base. But the number one thing we can control is our mechanics, quick mechanics will lower that release time... Getting stronger in the gym and more explosive is going to improve your throwing velocity. Work on both.

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