The Power V Position

The power V position is a major check point with all our video analysis. The quicker you can get the ball into the throwing slot, the quicker your release times. And that's what getting into the "power V" position does. It shortens the distance we have to go to get loaded up to throw, the closer you get to 90 degs and beyond the longer you take to get ready to throw.

To get into the power V position we want to take the ball from our exchange at the chest straight up into the throwing slot. A good cue for catchers is to take the ball to the back of the ear. The further they take the ball from their ear, the larger the angle gets in the throwing slot.

Outfielders and pitchers have the luxury of being able to have a longer arm path to get to the throwing slot because outfielders

make longer throws and usually the margin for error is greater than catchers throwing to 2nd base. If you've watched any pitching you've noticed, long, whippy arm paths but pitchers still get into the power V position. They just take longer to get there.

Powerfully throwing positions are the same across the board; infielder, outfielder, pitcher, and catcher all get to the power V position. But as a catcher we need to get there as soon as possible, maintain the power V position from exchange up to the throwing slot and that will reduce the time it takes you to get rid of the baseball.

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