4 Keys For Accurate Throws to 2nd Base

Everybody loves pop times and I do too. But it doesn't matter if you a throw a 1.8, if it ends up in the outfield. The average MLB pop time is 2.01! So, before you make your YouTube video proclaiming you throw a sub 2.0, remember how elite that throwing time is. Tyler Flowers, who played over 50% of the 162 games for the Braves, averaged a 2.14 pop time to 2nd base. So, while having a solid arm behind the dish is great, being accurate is what will make the difference.

With that, here is 4 keys for accurate throws to 2nd base.

1. Consistency is King!

Have a consistent exchange, consistent footwork, and consistent release. Practice, practice, practice... Repetition is the key to consistent mechanics. When it's game time, what you've practiced shows itself. If you aren't consistent with your repetitions you'll have all sorts of different things happening and that makes it that much harder to be accurate with your throws.

2. Keep your throws low

The worst thing you can do is sail the ball into the outfield. If you are going to miss, miss low. That ensures you are throwing down hill and if we miss low, we give our infielder the opportunity to still make a play.

3. Pick a closer spot to throw through

This is a great visual for adjusting our accuracy up and down. Imagine a pitcher standing on the mound, if I've got a stronger arm I might throw through his chest, if I've got a weaker arm I might throw through his hat. It all depends on your personal arm strength. But if you have a closer spot you know you can throw through, you now have a closer target to hit.

4. Keep your front shoulder closed

Sometimes in hopes of releasing the ball quicker catchers won't load their upper body when they throw and end up flying open during the throw, and usually sailing the ball into the outfield. One of the markers we look for in our video analysis is if the front shoulder is closed off to the 2nd base side of 2nd. Not directly to 2nd base, why? Because that's the most optimal load and gives you the best chance of making your strongest throw to 2nd.

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