So You Want To Play In College...

I'll give you a hint about playing in college, you don't just happen upon it.

I've had lots of high school guys say they want to play in college but approach that goal so casually, as if they think it's just going to happen because they want it.

Bad news for those guys... there are guys out there that really want it and are going to put the work in to beat you out. Here's the numbers; there are about 455,000 high school baseball players and only 48,000 college baseball positions (2 year & 4 year schools combined). That means you have a 10% chance of playing in college.

So how do you want to approach your day to day effort in regards to baseball? If you approach it casually, you won't make it. You have to be intentional and systematic in your training; both in the gym and on the field.

Put your work in and make sure you know you've done all you can to be in that 10%.

Check out this link for the numbers

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