Less Is More With Receiving

One of the terms I dislike the most in the catching world is "framing". Framing has a lot of bad technique associated with it and typically I see catchers trying too hard to make pitches look better than what they are.

I prefer to use the term "receiving" instead of framing because I want our catchers to realize we aren't trying to make pitches look better than what they are, we trying to present them as good as they are. If a pitch is a ball, let it be a ball. Don't try and get those pitches called strikes, you're only going to lose credibility with your umpires. Pitches that are strikes, we want to make sure we keep them strikes. That means having strong hands and not allowing pitches to pull our glove out of the zone. Pitches on the edge of the zone are the fun ones, but if it looks like we are trying to move our glove back into the zone we aren't going to get those. This is where receiving the ball subtly and quietly is so key. Check out our Instagram post HERE to see it in action.

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