The Best Time To Get Better

Happy October everyone! Break out your sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, it's fall!

Fall is my favorite time of year; playoff baseball, great fly fishing, apple pie and the start of a new school year. While cold weather might not seem like the best time of the year for baseball players, I'll tell you why it is...

It's the off-season, which means this is the most opportune time to be lifting in the gym and learning new skills and new movements. Most people understand that it takes time to get in shape at the gym and to learn new exercises, baseball is no different. If you plan to wait until spring to improve your swing or lower your pop time, you'll be too late. Fall and winter is the time to get better, when spring rolls around you should be ready to go.

If you are looking to lower your pop time or get better at blocking, you are going to have to learn to move your body in a way that it hasn't moved before. That takes repetition after repetition to learn that new movement. Our brains tell our body how to move, when we do the same thing over and over it creates a path in our brain for that movement, over time it becomes "automatic". We don't think about moving like that, we just do it.

If you're going to change that path in your brain that tells your body to move that way you'll need to consciously and intently practice the right way. Meticulous repetition is the key to creating new movement patterns.

You won't become a better hitter or stud behind the dish just because you showed up in spring with a good attitude. Work on your skills now, when no one else is and you'll show up in spring ready to rock and roll!

Work smarter...

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