How long is a training session?

Training sessions are approximately 50-55 minutes in length.

How old do you have to be to training at Catching IQ?

We work with all middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional players.

Do you work with Softball players?

Yes.  We have a coach who works specifically with softball players. Check out our staff section to learn more about our coaches.

Should I train in season or off season?

Both. You should be training in both your off season and in season.  We follow a year round training program and like all our athletes to commit to following it.

Do you offer a throwing program?

We work with all our baseball and softball players on throwing mechanics, how to improve velocity / pop times, and arm care recovery and injury prevention techniques.

Do you train athletes who are recovering from an injury?

Yes. We work with athletes who are recovering and work on injury prevention.  It is very important that all of our athletes communicate with our coaches and their physical therapist in order to create a program built around their specific needs.

What are my training membership options?

Do you offer remote training?

We offer video analysis for catchers only, for more information please email catchingiq@gmail.com